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Hello Bloggers,

Earlier this month, we advertised that we shall be giving five hundred thousand naira (N500,00.00) to bloggers who will write an article and publish on their Blog or YouTube on certain listed topics as a way to positively promote our brand whilst also supporting you, the content creators.
Within the first week of the announcement, we received a massive turn-up and decided to raise the total prize money to One Million Naira (N1,000,000.00). We also made efforts to notify you of the changes via our various social media handles and channels.
Tomorrow is June 30th, 2020 which is the proposed date for the closure of the challenge and hence declaration of the winners, so we thought it was wise to address you and also thank you for the beautiful and amazing educative articles you wrote about us. We are humbled.

Every challenge or competition MUST have a winner, and the #TruexgoldBloggersChallenge2 will not be an exception. To do this, we have made some changes to the original plan which was by highest comments to a more democratic but transparent way i.e. via pubic voting as we observed that some bloggers created a lot of self comments. Also, note that henceforth this Bloggers Challenge will be repeated monthly as God continues to give us the resources to do so.

The changes are:-
1. We have in a space of 3 days developed a sound voting portal https://truexgold.net which you can use to cast your votes and also invite your friends, fans and colleagues to support you. We hope to improve the voting portal with your suggestions.
2. The winner i.e. the blogger that received the highest vote shall receive the sum of Two hundred thousand naira (N200,000.00), the first runner up i.e. blogger that received the second higest vote shall receive the sum of One hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000.00) while the sum of One hundred thousand naira (N100,000.00) will go to the 2nd runner up i.e. blogger that received the third highest vote.

3. As a way to support you, the remaining five hundred and fifty thousand naira (N550,000.00) will be shared equally to all bloggers listed for the poll and who scored 10 votes and above. Please note if your article or blog was not listed for the polls there will be no participation payment for you.

Your article or blog was not listed because you failed to carry out some of the given instructions, you should check your e-mail and the promotional announcement to be sure you have done everything as instructed including following of all our social media pages. If you believe everything is in other but was still not listed, then write to article@truexgold.com so we can re-check. Please note that articles written on twitter or facebook wall are not accepted. Use your blog or YouTube.

The next challenge will start immediately we complete payment of this one, you should continue to follow our pages and watch out for the news, if you have any query or suggestions, feel free to call us or send us an email.

Thank you for your time, please note the voting portal is already open, GOTO https://truexgold.net now and cast your vote for the best article. Voting closes tomorrow by 9.00 GMT+1 and please note you cannot vote more than once.

Best wishes,

Ezinwa Engr. Ikenna D. Ogbaraegbe

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