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As you may have observed, we are upgrading our site into a full auto exchange, so that future transactions can take place effortlessly. We have operated a manual exchange for more than seven years and we believe now is the right time to integrate an auto exchange so you our customers can experience better service.

There are certain risk involved in setting up an auto exchange and we are quite aware of these risks, this is also the main reason we are not in a rush to put up the site.

Our team of developers spotted a minor bug this morning and are working hard to fix it. We hope to re-open the website anytime between 14:00 UTC +1 and 15:00 UTC +1. We promise, you will be proud of the upgrade, once the website finally comes up later today.
In the meantime, you can continue to place your orders via our various social media outlets. Please ensure you use only links from our website or preferably talk to us on live chat.

Remain focus.

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21.04.2024, 9:57 AM