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How to Make PlanetOfBets Balance Transfer to TruexGOLD: We are often asked this question by newbies using the PlanetOfBets sports betting website. And today, we have decided to make this short article to address this question which keep repeating.

Balance Transfer is a way of cashing out your money on the PlanetOfBets website with the help of a verified PlanetOfBets payment agent like TruexGOLD. The process is very simple and if followed correctly, should take around 2 to 3 minutes to initiate.

To make a Balance transfer, you need to do the following:

1. Log into your PlanetOfBets account using your«username» and «password»

2. sеlect PAYOUT on the top right menu of the website.

3. Click on the «Payment System» tab and choose Balance Transfer from the available options there, this action will display the balance transfer withdrawal form, fill the form as follows:

3i. On the field Login, sеlect truexgold (Nigeria) however ensure you have previously placed an order to spend your POB funds on the truexgold’s website, if you have not done this, you need to make your exchange request first, in fact that is the first thing you should do.

3ii. On the Amount field, enter the exact amount in USD that you wish to withdraw, this amount must tally with the amount in your withdrawal request.

3iii. In the comment field, you need to enter the ”withdrawal code” generated for you on truexgold’s website at the time you made your withdrawal request.

4. Then enter your PlanetOfBets password and click on «Request Payment»


If you have entered the correct password and your all entries were filled as described here, the balance transfer form will be submitted for checking. Checking is done in two stages, check by the PlanetOfBets team and TruexGOLD. Basically, PlanetOfBets support will check your request, and if the request is valid, they will approve the withdrawal. It is when they approve your request that we are able to see it from our own dashboard. Assuming the POB team have approved your request, we on the other hand check for just one thing and that is if you have entered the correct withdrawal code. If the withdrawal code entered by you is correct, we shall accept the Balance transfer and fund the corresponding payment option provided by you (i.e. your local bank or e-wallet). But, where the withdrawal code is incorrect, we shall reject the withdrawal request and the requested amount will automatically reverse to POB account.

We hope this helps?

If you have further difficulties using the POB Balance Transfer option, you can contact us via email or live chat.

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20.06.2024, 10:27 AM