What is TruexGOLD?

TruexGOLD is an E-currency Exchange

Does TruexGOLD have any office in Lagos?

No, we do not have any office in Lagos.

So how does TruexGOLD work?

You need to sign up for a TruexGOLD's account

What information is needed for Registration?

To Register on our website, we only need you

Can I start using the account immediately?

Yes, you can start using your TruexGOLD's

How long does it take to verify my account?

It usually takes 24 - 48hrs (Monday - Saturday)

It has passed 48 hours and am still not verified?

You should ensure that you have not received a

What the Heck is E-currency?

E-currency is short for electronic currency.

How safe is e-currency?

No one can guarantee the safety of e-currencies

How do i get my own e-currency account?

There are many e-currencies in the world today

How can I fund my e-currency account?

That is our major job here, you can always

What do you mean by Buy rate?

Buy rate is the rate in Naira at which

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