About Us

The quest for a reliable, safe and secure e-currency exchange service in Nigeria is the key reason for the establishment of TruexGOLD. TruexGOLD is a subsidiary of "Truex Access Resources". An e-currency exchange company which was founded on the 8th of September, 2011 but began full commercial activities on 16th of March, 2012. TruexGOLD is registered under the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as Truex Access Resources. TruexGOLD is an accredited Perfect Money Exchanger and also the Official PlanetOfBets.com and Binary.com Agent in Nigeria.

TruexGOLD is renowned for her swift but highly professional way of handling sensitive issues pertaining to e-currency transactions and other services offered at TruexGOLD. We have a team of very friendly customer support personnel who have worked tirelessly in making sure that the standard of service rendered here is kept at a professional level. They take seriously the issues encountered by our clients and leave no stones in solving them. One can easily lose count of the many reasons why you should have a TruexGOLD account for your e-currency and other related transactions..

We are also into, Solar Installation, E-Business Solutions, Web Development and Solar, CCTV and Intercom Installation. You can call on our experts at No. 57 MCC-Uratta Road, Owerri, Imo State should you require any of these listed services. We shall be glad to review and execute your project satisfactorily. You can find our full contact information on the contact us page of this website. We are earnestly waiting for your business.